Hanshi Eric Van Vaerenbergh volgt WADA ADeL At-a-Glance series bijscholing te Blankenberge


Op vrijdag 7 mei 2021 volgde Hanshi Eric Van Vaerenbergh, op advies van de VKBM²O, de online WADA ADeL At-a-Glance series. De online WADA ADeL At-a-Glance series bestond uit onderstaande 3 modules en vakken:

  • Module 1: Anti-Doping Overview
    • What is WADA?
    • What is the Code?
    • What is Doping?
    • The list of Prohibited Substances and Methods
    • Testing Process
    • Testing (Urine)
    • Whereabouts
    • Results Management
  • Module 2: Athlete Whereabouts
    • What is Whereabouts?
    • Which Athletes?
    • What Information?
    • Submitting and Updating Whereabouts
    • ADAMS
    • Don’t forget!
  • Module 3: Therapeutic Use Exemptions
    • What, Why, Who and When?
    • The TUE Process
    • TUE – final word
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