Hanshi Eric Van Vaerenbergh behaalt WADA ADeL for Medical Professionals at Major Games certificaat te Blankenberge


Op maandag 26 april 2021 volgde Hanshi Eric Van Vaerenbergh, op advies van de VKBM²O, het online WADA ADeL for Medical Professionals at Major Games en behaalde na een succesvol examen het certificaat. Het volledige WADA ADeL for Medical Professionals at Major Games bestond uit onderstaande 3 modules en vakken:

  • Module 1: Identifying and Prescribing Prohibited Drugs at Major Games
    • Identification of Prohibited Drugs
    • Applying for a Therapeutic Use Exemption
    • Prescribing Prohibited Drugs at the Games
  • Module 2: Complying with the IOC Needle Policy
    • Where Do Needle Policies Apply and what is the Purpose of the IOC Needle Policy?
    • Who is Accountable for Ensuring Compliance to the Needle Policy?
    • Criteria for Administration of Injections
    • How and When to complete and submit a Needle Declaration Form?
    • Failure to Comply with the Needle Policy
    • Disposal of Used Syringes and Needles
    • Guidance and Advice During the Games
  • Module 3: Bringing Medication to the Games
    • Importing Medication for Team Use
    • Importing Medication – Laws & Regulations
    • Importing Medication – Importation License, Controlled Drugs & Veterinary Medicines
    • Carrying Medicines for Personal Use
    • Storage of Medication at the Games
    • Registration of Physicians
    • Exportation of Medication Stock