Hanshi Eric Van Vaerenbergh volgt WADA webinar 2021 WADA Virtual TUE Symposium te Blankenberge


Op donderdag 20 mei 2021 volgde Hanshi Eric Van Vaerenbergh een WADA webinar “2021 WADA Virtual TUE Symposium”” te Blankenberge waarbij volgende onderwerpen aan bod kwamen:

  • Opening & Networking
  • Housekeeping
  • Welcome and Symposium Objectives
  • TUE Overview: Principles and Global View
  • Key elements of the Prohibited List
  • Case studies
    • Glucocorticoid
      • Asthma Exacerbation
    • Doctor – Patient confidentiality
      • For your ears only! Challenging situations in sport
  • ADeL
  • NextGen Prototype
  • Key Changes to the Code & ISTUE
  • Retroactive TUE Cases
    • EPi-Pen for anaphylaxis
    • Glucocorticoid “Doc, I need a shot!”
    • Acetazolamide for altitude sickness
  • Quick Dives: Pearls from around the World
    • Permitted does not mean legal
      • Amphetamines and ADHD: Olympic and Paralympic Games in Japan
    • Infertile in the fertile crescent
      • Clomiphene for females – Egypt
    • Pulmonary specialists in sport: Are they still breathing?
      • Asthma, PFT’s and B2-agonists
    • Something is happening in the state of Denmark
      • Permitted alternatives and terbutaline – Denmark